The Speaking Pastoral English in America Course (SPEAC) is designed to help ministers serving in the United States to produce listener-friendly speech patterns for U.S. audiences.  SPEAC targets each sound in North American Standard English, and gives the speaker ample practice and techniques to produce the sound accurately and clearly.  In addition to sound work, SPEAC has sentence-level practice so that speech is produced with proper stress, phrasing, rhythm, and intonation, all of which contribute to more comprehensible speech patterns. The words found in the practice words list are compiled from the Roman Missal and the New American Bible Concise Concordance.  These words are chosen because they are likely to be used in liturgical and pastoral contexts. An audio CD is included for practice words list.  Published February 2014.  Author: Jeff Jenkins with Clare Haden.

The Speaking Pastoral English in America Course (SPEAC) is also available for purchase in electronic form (PDF) from

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