Enjoy modern language set to Gregorian chant.  Setting sacred prose to music is a task steeped in history, inherited from the ancient faith communities who spoke Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.  Father Columba Kelly was inspired to accomplish this task for modern English texs given to us for singing the praises of God.  Fr. Columba Kelly composed the melodies for both the antiphons and the congregational refrains on the collection, and Raymond Henderson wrote the optional keyboard accompaniments as an aid to singers who are not familiar with the various chant modes or this speech-inspired style of singing. Covering Solenmities & Feasts, this spiral-bound edition contains accompaniment parts for 31 antiphons as well as the text for all the verses, refrains, and antiphons. The accompaniment parts are meant to serve as a support for the pitches and to provide harmonic background for the singers and should not gudie rhythm or intensity.

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